What is Serviced Exercise Equipment?

What is a piece of serviced fitness equipment?

A piece of serviced fitness equipment is the next step up when purchasing used fitness equipment.  It is a used piece of used fitness equipment that has been tested, inspected, and cleaned by a service technician.  The unit is then deemed in good working order and “functional”.  If there are broken or unsafe parts they are replaced, but not necessarily with new parts.  The replacement parts can be used.

Is a piece of serviced exercise equipment right for me?

This is where things get tricky.  A piece of serviced fitness equipment can be in great shape or it can be in poor shape.  Unfortunately, the description of the servicing process does not lend you too much information to go on.  Depending on the reputation of the company selling the equipment and how truthful they are in the description is whether end up getting a good piece of equipment or not.  Many times it’s a piece of equipment that is in such good shape that nothing has to be done to it other than cleaning and testing as in the case of a fitness center that could have fallen into financial disarray after only a year or two of service, or it could be an older unit that the manufacturer no longer makes parts for and a company took two or three broken units and utilized their parts to make one functional unit.

What you need to look for when purchasing serviced gym equipment is:

  • Pictures of the unit
  • Find out if the company selling it is going to warranty the unit.  Most reputable companies will include up to a 90 days parts warranty.
  • Ask for service records and find out where the unit came from and the type of facility it was in.  If the unit came out of a high use facility and is old, more than likely the unit has been used a great deal which could be concerning.
  • Ask for a detailed report of the testing and parts replacing that the company has provided. Get this in writing and find out if references are available.
  • Inquire about the return policy.  If the customer is selling as is with no return policy, be cautious.

Purchasing serviced fitness equipment can be a very rewarding and positive experience assuming you ask the right questions, understanding what you are buying and knowing who you are buying it from.  If you are careful and patient you will be able to find equipment that is not only visibly appealing but mechanically sound.  Many health clubs purchase serviced fitness equipment which brings a great deal of value to their clubs as well as help them get a quick return on their investment.

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