What type of Fitness Machine is best for me?

What type of Exercise Equipment is Best for Me?Body Solid Endurance Treadmill

Often times a consumer or a new member of a health club will ask the question “what type of fitness machine is best for me”?  This is a very difficult question to answer with out knowing several things.

First, what is your history of using a fitness machine?

Second, are there any limitations that would prevent you from using a certain type of fitness equipment?

Third, are you referring to a piece of cardiovascular or strength piece of equipment?

When it comes to cardiovascular equipment in a health club or in a home gym there are 3 groupings of equipment.   The first group is a weight bearing, impact exercise such as a Treadmill.  The second group is weight bearing, non impact such as a stepper, stepmill or an ellitpical cross trainer.  Lastly, you have a non impact, non weight bearing exercise such as an elliptical recumbent such as a NuStep or an upright or recumbent bike.

Many times when starting an exercise program at a health club or home gym they soon realize that they are either deconditioned or their bodies have limitations.  When given the opportunity to work on several pieces of equipment they soon favor one type such as an elliptical, treadmill or bike.  This is because of their level of comfortable.  Although there are some health benefits of working out with the toughest type (weight bearing with impact) if your body is limited and can not perform the exercise for the duration they need to in order to get the health benefits desired.  With this being said the best type of cardiovascular fitness machine for you is the one that you are most comfortable on that you can get your heart rate to the desired bpm (beats per minute) and the one you are most comfortable on so that you can stay on the machine long enough to get the benefits and results you are looking for.

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