What does it mean to purchase “Demo” Fitness Equipment?

What does it mean to purchase “Demo” Fitness Equipment?

A piece of demo fitness equipment is a good way to get a new unit at between 20% to 50% off the list price of a new unit.  Demo fitness machines are technically new units that are now out of the box and are fully assembled.  The difference between a demo exercise machine and a used one is that the demo unit still comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Where does Demo Fitness Equipment Come From?

Trade shows

When a manufacturer displays their equipment at a trade show they are used by the general public for 1-3 days.  The amount of usage on the units is very minimal.  The products are used by people typically to get the “feel” of the unit and normally do not get a “full workout”.  There are some exceptions in which some units do get some heavier use and that is when group exercise classes are being offered at the trade show.  Still, in the grand scheme of things it is nothing compared to being in what a heavy used health club is used on a daily basis.

Floor Models

Normally a “Floor Model” pertains to residential equipment, but sometimes they do have commercial units on display.  Most retail stores will do a floor model clearance sale twice a year and will occur in the mid summer months and around the first of the year.

A retail store will sell the demo fitness equipment for a couple of reasons.  First, the units are getting walked on or used in the retail store and may have signs of minor use.  They want to have fresh product on the floor after being demonstrated for six months.  Second, the units will be swapped out for a newer model.  As with most industries fitness equipment changes very quickly and the manufacturers prefer to have the new models demonstrated to promote their innovations.

Product Demonstrations

In the commercial market place often times customers like to have the members try the piece of fitness equipment before they purchase it.  The clubs want to make sure the units are well received and that they are involving the members to make the important decisions.

When a customer and fitness provider coordinate the demo the units are brought in new and are left in the facility for no longer than two weeks.  If the customer has a well received experience and have the budget they will purchase the demo plus what ever they budgeted for.  If the demo is not perceived well or the budget is not available for an immediate purchase the item is brought back to the supplier and then is sold as a piece of demo fitness equipment.

Demo units typically have at most a couple hundred miles and the life span of a normal piece of commercial fitness equipment is in the forty to fifty thousand mile range.  The units should not be sold as new fitness equipment, because it has been used and is not in a box.  There may be minimal cosmetic damage from transporting, but is compensated by the discounts given.  Demo equipment will come with a full manufacturers warranty, because it has never been sold and is still registered to the original dealer.  Typically, a warranty starts when the item has been received by the end user.

This is a great way to get workout equipment for your home or business without having to pay full price.

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