What Are the Wear and Tear Parts of a Fitness Treadmill?

fitness treadmill replacement partsWhat Wear and Tear Parts are on a Fitness Treadmill?

The wear and tear parts on fitness equipment is similar to the tires and brakes on a car.  These are items that wear out after using the piece of cardiovascular equipment in question.  This article deals with the wear and tear parts on a piece of cardiovascular equipment called a treadmill.  There are many moving parts on a treadmill that can wear out over time that will need to be replaced to ensure safe operation as well as saving you money in costly repairs over the life of the unit.  This goes for commercial gym equipment as well as home fitness equipment.

Main wear and tear items of a fitness treadmill:

1)    Walking belt– the walking belt is very similar to the tires of a car.  The walking belt is a rubber surface which over time will deteriorate and wear out.  If you do not change your walking belt the belt will create more friction causing strain on the motor and lower control board.

2)    Walking deckthe walking deck is the hard surface under the walking belt which supports the weight of the participant.  The Walking Deck uses either a wax application system or is prewaxed from the manufacturer.  The wax prevents the deck from over heating and lessens the friction between the two surfaces.  If the deck and belt are not replaced or maintained the lower board and motor become more susceptible to failure.

3)    Drive belt– (this is the belt that connects the front roller of the fitness treadmill to the motor)  A drive belt on a motor normally will not break however the belt will dry out and squeak.  The heat from the motor and lower control board will cause dry rot and eventually will need to be changed.

4)    Motor brushes– (some motors have this and others don’t depending on the type of motor in the unit)  There are two types of motors in a fitness treadmill.  The first is a Direct Current Motor which is also referenced as a DC motor.  All DC motors have brushes and this is a wear item.  If you do not change the brushes in time the armature of the motor will burn out causing the club or individual having to change the motor.  The second type of motor is an Alternating Current motor or an AC motor.  AC motors most frequently do not have brushes therefore requiring very little maintenance.

5)    Wax bag (some treadmills, primarily commercial, are equipped with a wax bag that sprays the underside of the walking belt based on a certain mileage or time parameter)

6)    Display overlays The display overlays on cardiovascular equipment are multiple layer plastic membranes that break down from use of the user and sweat that breaks down the display.

7)    Heart rate sensor grips (if equipped) Heart rate sensor grips are on machines that can read your pulse.  Most units are screwed in the handlebars however, there are units that the heart rate grips are glued.  Eventually the sensors can rust or come unglued.

Other things to maximize the life of your fitness treadmill:

1)    Lubricate the underside of the walking belt regularly – Some manufacturers have a maintenance-free deck system that does not require lubrication.  In the case of these units pay attention to if the unit is tripping a circuit breaker or not.  When it does, that means it is time to replace the belt and deck because so much of the surface has worn off that it is now creating excessive drag that can put undue stress on the motor and electronics.

2)    Pay attention to the type of lubricant required for the machine.  Some units use a hard wax, some recommend water based silicone spray, some use a powdered wax, and others can use graphite.  NEVER use a petroleum based lubricant on a treadmill belt.

3)    Clean under the hood of the treadmill at least once a year.  Hair, dust, dirt, and other contaminants can get under the hood of the treadmill.  These contaminants can insulate the electronic components and inhibit their ability to disperse heat.  Heat can damage the electronic components of a treadmill over time.  All you need is a vacuum with a hose and a can of compressed air like you can find in the computer section of a store that you use to get dust out of a keyboard.

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