Understanding WATTS with Indoor Cycling

Over twenty years ago Indoor Cycling or Spinning as it was know as back then became one of the most popular group exercise classes at health clubs. The class simulated an outdoor ride with the safety of the indoors and music.  The phenomenon gave a fun factor to cardio fitness training.

Until recently, most if not all of the indoor cycles used a very subjective way to increase the intensity of the ride.  There has not been an accurate and reliable way to measure the actual workload.  Just as Spinning got it’s roots from outdoor riding so does the measurement of Power using Power Tap technology to quantify the individuals training load.

We still have the old reliable measures of cadence (how fast you are pedaling) and heart rate (how fast you heart is beating) but, they do not measure the power output (actual work).  We have grown from accepting subjective information to the need for objective information. Applying the principles of training load has been guesswork for instructors, trainers and participants.

Those days are now over. With Power Tap technology now available on the CycleOps 300PT Indoor Cycle, you can now measure power output while still monitoring heart rate response and gauging cadence. Plus you can now collect the training data on a USB stick and download it to a PC and interpret and analyze the data.

Training with Power is the most accurate way to measure training load, using the basic training principles of exercise (i.e. overload + rest = adaptation).

Just like weight lifters know how much weight they lift, indoor cyclists can know how much power (work, load) they generate.  The best way to think of this, is when you walk up to a rack of dumbbells, you scan the weights and decide which weight will give you the best workload. Without the actual weights you would have no idea what your training load will be.

To achieve weight loss, a new level of fitness or peak performance, simply increase the amount of work you do, over periods of time.

– The Staff at EverythingFitnessEquipment.com

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