The History of Indoor Group Cycling

From Concept to World Wide Phenomena

Originally developed by Jonathan Goldberg (Johnny G) in the 1980’s he wanted to come up with a method of exercise to help himself get ready for the Race Across America no matter what the weather was.  He took an indoor exercise ergo-meter bike and added a heavier flywheel to it with a caliper braking mechanism for resistance.  It ended up being very much like outdoor cycling and helped in his preparation so much that he figured that others would benefit from this method of exercise as well.  he took his original idea to the premier bicycle manufacturer in America at the time, which was Schwinn.  They then took his concept and ran with it, thus leading to the birth of the group exercise phenomena now know as Spinning®.  Later, Johnny G partnered with John Baudhuin to form Madd Dogg Athletics, Inc who own the registered trademark for Spinning®.  Indoor Group Cycling  is one of the most popular forms of group exercise in health clubs today and has spawned a whole genera of indoor group cycling bikes.

In conclusion, Jonathan Goldberg developed the first indoor group cycling bike in the 1980’s while preparing for the Race Across America.  After benefiting so much from this new concept he took it to Schwinn.  After the initial success of his creation he founded Madd Dogg Athletics with John Baudhuin and now own the registered trademark for Spinning®.

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