Indoor Exercise Bike Comparisons (CycleOps Versus Matrix-Tomahawk)

Indoor Exercise Bike Comparisons

Indoor Cycling remains to be a popular, efficient and fun way to exercise. Lead by motivating instructors, participants simulate an actual outdoor bike ride of infinite flat roads and undulating hills.  While group indoor cycling sessions have proven to be an excellent cardiovascular workout, there has not been an accurate and reliable way to measure the actual workload.  Outdoor cyclists use Power Tap technology to quantify their training load.

While some indoor cycles gauge cadence (how fast you’re pedaling) or monitor heart rate (how fast your heart is beating), they do not measure power output (actual work). Therefore, applying the principles of training load has been a matter of guesswork for instructors, trainers and participants.

Since power is the choice elite athletes, one may think training with power is advanced and complicated.  It’s actually quite the opposite.   Training with power is very simple and the most accurate way to measure training load, as it is based on the basic training principles of exercise, (overload + rest = adaptation). Just like weight lifters know how weight they lift, indoor cyclists can know how much power (work, load) they generate. To achieve weight loss, a new level of fitness or peak performance, simple increase the amount of work you do, over periods of time.

With so many choices for Indoor Cycles we at have chosen to compare two models to give you a perspective on the differences. The only model that accurately measures power is the CycleOps. Check out the differences before you decide to saddle up.

Comparing the CycleOps 300PT and Matrix S Series Livestrong Tomahawk.

CycleOps 300:

-Power Tap 2.4 equipped (Power Meter)

-Only power measuring indoor cycle on the market (others estimate power)-the ONLY true measure of effort on the bike

-Specifically designed and engineered for the club environment

-Includes interactive display with large, easy-to-read LCD screen

-Records biometric information including power, HR, time, cadence and energy expenditure

-Stores data files to download post-workout via CycleOps USB stick (sold separately)

-Power Agent software lets your clients analyze their rides on a PC.

-CycleOps Power Training certification available.

-adjustable handlebar and seat allow for wide range of fit, mimic the fit and feel of a real bike

-Fore/aft handlebar adjustment

-Hot swap saddle lets user bring their own saddles to class

-48 lb.heavy duty flywheel provides fluid starts and stops

-Rear drive, rear flywheel gives the feeling of a outdoor road bike

-chain drive system  like a road bike

-Robust all-steel construction and zinc plated powder coated frame

-Precise incremental resistance adjustment

-Wide, stable footprint

-Dual sided pedals (cages and SPD clips) come standard


15 Years:          Frame

3 Years:            Parts(excludes wear items)

1 Year:             Electronics

90 days:            Pedals

Matrix S Series LS (Livestrong)

-road-inspired adjustable LX7 drop handlebar

-on board computer providing (HR, cadence, distance, time and calories)

-dual descent water bottle holder

-multi-ribbon belt drive system

-front flywheel design (40lb flywheel)

-aluminum adjustment system

-unisex sports saddle

-dual sided pedal (SPD and cage)


10 Years:          Frame

3 Years:            Handlebar and saddle assembly, brake system (excluding brake pad), lever handles and knobs, cranks, belt drive system, bottom bracket assembly, flywheel and hub assembly, powder coating.

2 Years:            Pedals, insert sleeves for saddle and handlebar posts, leveling feet

1 Year:             Saddle

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