How To: Maintain Weight Training Equipment

Spray cleaner onto the cloth before wiping. Never spray directly onto equipment.

How do I maintain my weight lifting equipment?

If you own a health club or a home multigym, regular maintenance will preserve the appearance of the equipment, thus increasing re-sale value if you ever plan on replacing the unit.  It will also keep the equipment safe, because you will be able to identify problems before they end up damaging the equipment or a user.  Most of these procedures can be completed by an individual person, but there are companies that specialize in servicing home and commercial fitness equipment that can do the preventative maintenance on your weight lifting equipment.

Procedures to complete Daily

  • The user should wipe down the upholstery with a disinfecting wipe or a mild disinfecting spray such as “Simple Green” or other products that are alcohol and ammonia free. 
  • In the case of a health club, an employee should wipe down the upholstery of each piece of strength equipment at the end of the day before closing

Procedures to complete Weekly

  • Wipe down the entire frame of the machine and the upholstery with an alcohol and ammonia free cleaner such as “Simple Green”.
  • Clean and lubricate the guide rods where applicable with a non-petroleumbased lubricant such as a water based silicone spray that can be purchased at most hardware stores or a Teflon based lubricant such as “Super Lube” and a clean cloth.
  • Check the cables or Kevlar belts for fraying, cracking, or abnormal wearing.  If any of these conditions are found, replace the defective part immediately before the cable or belt breaks.  A broken cable or belt can cause serious damage to the equipment or the user.
  • On pin select units, test the unit with a light weight and a heavy weight through the machine’s range of motion to make sure the unit is functioning properly and smoothly.  In the event that there is a problem inspect further to locate the problem or contact a fitness equipment repair technician to remedy the problem.
  • On pin select units, make sure that the weight pin slides in and out of the weight stack easily while not in use.  While in use, make sure that the weight pin does not pop out of the weight stack.
  • On units that have adjustable seats and pads, inspect the pull pins to make sure that they work smoothly and are not damaged or loose.
  • Inspect the upholstery for rips, cracks, or abnormal wear.  Fix or replace immediately to prevent further damage and to reduce the risk of injury.

Procedures to complete Monthly

  • Inspect all nuts and bolts to make sure that they are tight
  • For units that are equipped with grease fittings, inspect grease level and add if needed.
  • Inspect all bushings and ball bearings to ensure that they are in tact and functioning properly

In closing, keeping up on the proper maintenance of your weightlifting equipment will keep it working safely, properly, and keep it in good condition so that it will look good for years to come.  Failure to keep up on these simple tasks can lead to costly repairs and possible injury over time.

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