How To: Maintain Exercise Bikes

Steps in Prolonging the Life of Your Fitness Exercise Bike

Weather your exercise bike is in a home setting or a health club there are a few simple procedures that can save you money over the life of your piece of fitness equipment.  Exercise bikes are a little different than other fitness products, such as fitness treadmills, spin bikes, gym machines and so on.  Exercise bikes do not require as much attention to keep them looking good and performing at optimal ability.

Procedures that should be Completed Daily

  • Wipe down the unit to remove excessive amounts of dust, dirt, sweat, and other substances that can accumulate on the frame of the Exercise Bike.  Be sure to use a non-alcohol and non-abrasive cleaner such as Simple Green.  Never spray directly onto the fitness machine.  Spray cleaner onto a clean rag or paper towel and then wipe clean.
  • Wipe down the display and heart rate sensors (if equipped) with an anti-bacterial wipe or cleaner.  Just like in the step above, be sure not to spray cleaners directly onto the machine. The liquid can work it’s way through cracks and short out the electronics.

Procedures that should be Completed Weekly

  • Vacuum the floor around and under the Exercise Bike.  You can move the bike to get at the dust and dirt under the exercise equipment easier.
  • Check out all of the screws and bolts on the Exercise Bike to ensure that they are all in their place and that they are tight.  Tighten loose screws and bolts.  Replace all screws and bolts that are missing.  Pay special attention to those that are around the display.  Solvents and sweat can work their way into the electronics compartment through these openings.
  • Test the bike in manual mode for problems.  Check the Exercise Bike through all of the levels of resistance, check to see how quick the display lights up, listen for clicks, grinds, squeaks, or other noises, and pay attention while pedaling for slips at higher resistance or anything else that makes the ride not very smooth.  Report any kind of problem to either an attendant at a health club or make an appointment for a fitness equipment repair company to do a complete inspection on the unit. 

Procedures that should be Completed Monthly

  • Make sure that the seat, shrouds, and pedals are all securely fastened and are in good working order.

Procedures that should be Completed Quarterly

  • Remove the lower shrouds from the Exercise Bike to vacuum dirt, dust, and other debris from the inside of the bike.
  • Use compress air to blow excessive dust build-up off of the lower electronics.  You can also use a fine paint brush to gently wipe the dirt and dust off of the electronics.
  • If the Exercise Bike is chain driven, inspect the chain for wear and prober tensioning.  If the chain is in good shape, clean the chain with a de-greaser and re-lubricate the chain with White Lightning Bike Chain Lube.  If the chain is damaged or showing signs of wear, replace or call a fitness equipment repair professional to replace. 
  • If the Exercise Bike is belt driven, inspect the belt for proper tensioning, frays, cracks, or rips.  If damages are noticed, replace the belt or contact a fitness equipment repair company to replace.
  • Remove and inspect the brushes in the alternator for signs of wear.  Please replace or have a fitness equipment repair professional replace if signs of wear are noticed.  Please pay special attention to replace the brushes the same way that they were removed, or it could damage the alternator resulting in costly repairs or replacement of the alternator.
  • Check the crank assembly to make sure it is tight. 
  • Lastly, inspect all of the electrical wire connections and harnesses.  Make sure that they are all plugged in tightly and also inspect for pinches, fraying, or any other possible damages.  If wiring is damaged, replace immediately.

Following these basic steps will ensure that your Exercise Bike functions in top condition for many years to come.  It does not matter if it is a piece of commercial exercise equipment or a piece of cheap fitness equipment from the local big box stores, these steps will make sure that your unit lasts up to it’s full potential.

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