Extended Warranties on Fitness Equipment. Are They Worth It?

Fitness Equipment Extended WarrantiesExtended Warranties on Fitness Equipment.  Are They Worth It?

Unlike cars, electronics, and small appliances the extended warranty programs for fitness equipment vary dramatically.  Both in the coverage and who is offering the warranty.  You have to be very careful when reading the fine print of the extended warranties for exercise equipment.  Some companies write into the fine print that you have to do regular maintenance on the unit and have PROOF of said service in the way of a receipt from a service company otherwise they can reject your claim or void your warranty all together.  Also, keep in mind the old saying that “If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.”.  Extended warranty companies are like any other business.  They are trying to make money.

What to look for when researching an extended warranty:

First, check and see what the manufacturer’s warranty is. Many times companies will try to advertise coverage through their extended warranty on what is already covered by the manufacturer.  A good example of this is the frame.  Most manufacturers in a residential setting will cover the frame for the lifetime of the original purchaser and 7 years in a commercial setting.  Any company claiming to cover the frame on a new piece of fitness equipment is going to cover something that is already taken care of by the manufacturer.

Avoid extended warranties on strength equipment. There are not as many things to break on a piece of strength equipment versus a piece of cardio fitness equipment and outside of cables and pulleys on a pin select unit the only other thing that could wear out is the upholstery or grips, which is all relatively inexpensive to replace in comparison to the cost of the extended warranty.

Check and see who the underwriter is of the extended warranty. You want to make sure that the company is a reputable company and  still going to be around when you need service done.

Avoid warranties that try to sell you on technical support. Any retailer that is worth their weight will offer free technical support via phone as a courtesy to their customers.  You should not have to pay for it.

Find out what the definition of “lifetime” is in certain warranties. In some states fitness equipment falls under household appliance laws and a “lifetime” is considered to be 7 years on these items.

Find out what the average turn around time is for parts and service. There are some entry level manufacturers that do not stock parts in the United States.  They can get a service technician out to assess your unit right away, but if you have to wait 3 months for the replacement parts to come in it defeats the purpose of having a workout room at home.

When it comes down to it, your better manufacturers are going to have a substantial enough warranty to where you won’t need an extended warranty.  It just comes down to the price range of the equipment that you are dealing with.  Cheap fitness equipment has had the major components stripped down so much that it would be worth it to get an extended warranty.  Your better manufacturers will have a very substantial warranty and you will not need to worry about an extended warranty.

What extended warranty companies are there for Fitness Equipment?

Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a couple of reputable warranty companies.  We recommend Asurion which was once called Warranty Corporation of America. (WACA)  You can visit their website by going to: http://www.asurion.com/.

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