Cybex FT325 Functional Trainer

Total Body Workout Made Simple on One Piece of Strength Equipment

If you have a health club, training studio, municipality workout room, corporate fitness center, or high-end home gym where exercise space is a premium and a cable crossover will not fit take a look at the Cybex FT-325 Functional Trainer.  A dual cable column functional trainer is nothing more than a shrunken down cable crossover to begin with and you can do all the same motions, and more, in half the floor space.  Incorporate the Cybex 16000 -10 to 80 Degree Bench or an Aeromat Stability Ball and you can do all the same motions that you could with dumbbells without the risk of damaging the floor.  The Cybex FT-325 Functional Trainer comes with 21 selectable exercise positions, clearly illustrated exercise placards of some of the more popular exercises, and a selection of standard accessories such as a triceps rope, ankle strap, and 2 nylon “D” handles to give your workouts variety.

Designed in America and Built by Americans for the World

Designed through research completed at the Cybex Institute for Exercise Science the Cybex FT-325 Functional Trainer delivers outstanding results through the natural movements of the body.  Built in the Owatonna, MN production facility in a plethora of customizable colors within a couple of weeks.

Cybex FT-325 Functional Trainer Specifications

Product Number
34″ X 67″ X 83.5″
86 cm X 170 cm X 212 cm
Machine Weight
695 lbs (315 kg)
Weight Stack
170 lbs (77 kg)
Cable Travel
81″ (206 cm)
Maximum Effective Load
85 lbs (38.5 kg) maximum per side
Minimum Effective Load
5 lbs (2.25 kg) per plate
Lifting ratio
Cable Position Adjustment
19 positions with 3″ spacing
Standard Accessories
2 strap handles, ankle cuff, triceps rope, optional lat pull bar
Available in 5 standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors


In closing, if a high quality piece of commercial strength equipment is needed in a small space, then the Cybex FT-325 Functional Trainer will deliver proven results with quality American design and construction.

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