CYBEX Arc Trainer Improves Work Output and Lower Body Endurance

Cardio Training and Lower Body Endurance

Cardio training exercise machines are typically used to improve aerobic capacity and promote weight loss.  If a workout machine allows the user to exercise at relatively high workload, with effective resistance, then it’s possible to experience benefits other than those traditionally associated with cardio training.

The Study

The Centers for Athletic Performance in Overland Park, Kansas performed a three week study of high intensity interval training 3 days per week on a Cybex Arc Trainer for a 4 minute work interval of 120 strides per minute at a significant amount of resistance and a recovery interval of one minute over a total length of 19 minutes.  Before and after the test, the test subjects were measured on steady state work capacity by recording average watts achieved throughout the four work intervals and lower body endurance as determined by executing as many complete repetitions as possible on a Cybex Eagle Leg Press at 75% of body weight.


The Arc Training group experienced a significant improvement in work capacity, which was a 22% increase in steady state watt production and demonstrated a significant improvement in muscular endurance by 35% increase in leg press repetitions at 75% body weight.


While the CYBEX Arc Trainer is classified as a cardio fitness machine, repeated use will improve one’s workload capacity while increasing lower body endurance.  These will have direct benefits in performing daily activities, participating in athletic events, and reducing injury risks.

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