CYBEX Arc Trainer Improves Functional Lower Body Power

Cybex 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer


 High Intenstity Training for Power

Previously it was determined that if a high resistance level was use don the CYBEX Arc Trainer, you could improve muscular endurance and work capacity. Since this piece of commercial fitness equipment can be used for high intensity training, other benefits could include functional power. 

The Centers for Athletic Performance in Overland Park, Kansas performed a three week study of high intensity interval training in which they measured subjects on maximum hop distance and maximum controlled leap which are two indicators of functional lower body power. 


The Arc Training group improved maximum hopping distance (force production) by 17% and improved maximum controlled leaping distance (force absorption) by 14%. The increase in force production and force absorption is significant compared to the control groups that demonstrated no improvements. 


The CYBEX Arc Trainer allows users to train at high loads and speeds which results in significant improvements in lower body power.  This has tremendous carry-over to real life activities such as running, jumping and change-in-direction for athletics and basic movement for the aging population.

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