Where Should I Go To Purchase Discounted Fitness Equipment?

How do I Purchase Discounted Fitness Equipment?

Often times when people build a home gym or are in the process of building a health club they will look for discounted fitness equipment. There are a number of ways to obtain this equipment including:

  • purchasing it from an existing health club that is going out of business
  • purchasing it from a bank that has an expired lease
  • purchasing it from a foreclosure-typically from a bank or leasing agent
  • purchasing it off of ebay or craigslist
  • purchasing it off a reputable web site that specializes in fitness equipment such as www.pfcfitnessequipment.com or www.globalfitness.com

There are a few things you should remember when purchasing discounted fitness equipment such as:

  • Will the unit come with a warranty and who is the unit warranted by.
  • What type of equipment is it?  Is it made by a reputable company that has a history of manufacturing quality exercise equipment.
  • How much use does the equipment have on it?  Often times the higher quality newer units will have the hours, strides, miles, starts and other detailed information on the usage inside the diagnostics of the machine.  This is an excellent indicator on what you will be receiving.
  • Is there customer service and support if there is a problem with the unit once received?

Whether you are purchasing a piece of fitness equipment for your home gym or you are purchasing multiple pieces of equipment for your fitness center you should keep in mind that there are many option in the market place.  Therefore, it is very important on knowing the dos and dont’s.  Undoubtedly, you want to purchase your fitness equipment from a reputable company that has been buying and selling fitness equipment for many years.  You can check their Better Business Bureau rating by clicking here.  Make sure that they do not have negative marks against them for selling items that were misrepresented.  You also want to buy a reputable manufacturer such as Life Fitness, Precor, Cybex, Matrix, Star Trac and any other manufacturer that has been in the industry for a long time.

Although there are reputable manufacturers of residential fitness equipment it would be wise to purchase a piece of commercial fitness equipment.  Commercial Fitness Equipment is designed to be used 18 hours a day and if chosen correctly your investment will last you many, many years.

Discounted Fitness Equipment can also be classified as demo fitness equipment, used fitness equipment, re manufactured fitness equipment, service fitness equipment or refurbished fitness equipment.  Make sure you know what you are getting and if it is anything other than new or demo know the history of the piece.  You need to know how old the equipment, where it was used and if there is a service record that you can obtain from that particular piece.  If you want more information you can request the serial number and call the manufacturer to request the service history that they have on file.  As most major serialized purchases the manufacturer keeps records of what has been done to that machine while under the manufacturers warranty.

Lastly, when you have made a decision on the type, make and model of your discounted fitness equipment find out if there is support both on the phone and technical local support in the area.  If the company can not provide this information, be cautious.

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