The Correct Definition of Used Fitness Equipment

What to Look for in a Used Piece of Fitness Equipment

What really is “Used Fitness Equipment“?  There are thousands of ads and banners all throughout the Internet talking about used treadmills, used exercise bikes, used strength equipment, used ellipticals, etc, but what is the quality of these pieces of used fitness equipment and what is the real meaning of the term “used”?  Used Fitness Equipment comes from two sources.  Used fitness equipment will come from a commercial environment or from a home environment.  The exact definition of used fitness equipmentis a piece of fitness equipment that is no longer in the possession of the original purchaser and no longer has the manufacturer’s warranty.  These units are sold “as is”, which means that nothing has been done to them and there is not a warranty on the unit.  The way it would come out of a health club or a home is the way it would be received.

What are the Dangers of Buying Used Fitness Equipment?

  1. The wear and tear components are going to need to be replaced eventually.  How soon depends on how much usage the piece of fitness equipment received.  Sometimes that can be minimal if it came out of a home where no one used the unit or a health club that went out of business rather quickly.  On the other hand, it could have come out of a high usage health club or from a home where someone was preparing for a marathon. 
  2.     After being in a club setting or a home, many times they have not been properly cleaned.  There can be layers of dirt, dust, hair, sweat, lubrications, etc caked on the unit.
  3. The condition of the electronic components in exercise bikes, fitness treadmills, steppers, and elliptical cross trainers is unknown.  This can lead to a dangerous situation in the event a speed sensor goes bad on a treadmill and the unit takes off to the maximum speed.  It could throw and unsuspecting user off the back of the fitness machine.
  4. There could possibly be structural defects.  Many times if a piece of used fitness equipment has been in a high usage club setting for a number of years there can be tremendous amounts of stress put on the frames of these units that can sometimes crack the welds.   It can sometimes be very difficult to notice, unless there is a qualified service technician inspecting the unit for such possible issues.

What are Some of the Benefits of Buying Used Fitness Equipment?

  1. The units can be purchased extremely cheap.  Since labor hours for a service technician does not have to be added or the cost of new parts this reduces the cost substantially.
  2. Sometimes lightning can be caught in a bottle and a purchaser can stumble onto a unit from a health club that has fallen into financial disarray and has to liquidate the units.  Many times these items can have minimal use, or it could be an older club that no longer had the capital to keep up with preventative maintenance.  You could also run into a situation where someone bought a new unit for their home and then just never used it.
  3. A purchaser can get a full commercial piece of fitness equipment for many times the same price or less than what they would spend on a home unit.

What are the Best Pieces of Used Fitness Equipment to Purchase?

  1. Free Weight Equipment or other Weight Lifting Equipment.  There are minimal moving parts associated with these units, which means that there are less components to break.  Usually, the most that someone would have to worry about is replacing the upholstery and touching up some scratches or rust.
  2. Selectorized Individual Stations or Multi-Gyms.  Similar to free weight equipment, there is not as much to go wrong with these units.  It is recommended to change the cables and thoroughly inspect the pulleys on the units once they are received.  After that, the upholstery might need to be changed and then the possible touching up of scratches or rust.
  3. It is NEVER Recommended to Buy “As Is” Cardiovascular Equipment.  Fitness Treadmills, Steppers, Elliptical Cross-trainers, Exercise Bikes, and other aerobic exercise equipment all have a tremendous amount of moving parts and electronics that can fail.  Many times it ends up costing more to repair the piece of used fitness equipmentthat what was paid for it.  In the case of aerobic fitness equipment it is recommended to look at purchasing a Serviced, Refurbished, Remanufactured, Demo, or New unit.

In conclusing, purchasing used fitness equipment has many benefits and many pitfalls to avoid.  By obtaining as much information on the unit as possible along with pictures and avoiding purchasing cardiovascular units “as is” a buyer will be able to minimize their risk.

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