How to purchase a Home Fitness Gym

body solid home gymTips to Consider When Purchasing a Home Fitness Gym.

Working out at home can be very convenient.  You don’t have to wait in line for the machine and you can work out any time you like.  With all of the different manufacturers, quality levels, sizes, and features offered it can be very confusing in determining what will work best for the end user’s needs.

What are the goals of the users?

Many times there are going to be multiple users of the equipment in the household.  One may want to just tone up for bathing suit season, one may want to add more size for football season, and yet another may just want to burn off the annual holiday party weight gain.  In looking for a piece of weight lifting equipment everyone’s needs have to be taken into consideration.

Where is the unit going to go?

Special attention has to be made to where the unit is going to go.  Many times Home Gyms are designed to go under a 7 foot (84 inches) basement ceiling.  Sometimes after a drop ceiling is put in that can reduce the clearance or if commercial gym equipment is being utilized.  Many commercial units can be extremely tall since they are designed for use in settings that many times have very high ceilings.  The amount of floor space that the unit occupies also has to be looked at.  Not only pay attention to the physical space the unit takes up, but also the usable space around the unit required to perform certain exercises.

Other considerations when purchasing a Home Fitness Gym:

After you have everyone’s goals determined and a space to put the unit, also consider the following points:

  • What is your budget?  Always expect to possibly pay a little bit more than you originally plan, but don’t go crazy.   Sometimes you can take advantage of special financing options, floor model clearances, or other special promotions.
  • Does the unit have adjustments that are smooth and easy to make while on the machine.  Ease of use is going to be very important and if it is not and does not feel good, more than likely it will not be used.
  • Does the unit have clear operating instructions and diagrams explaining the movements.  This will enable you to get the most out of your Home Fitness Gym.
  • Does the unit feel comfortable and fit the user’s body?
  • What is the unit constructed of?  The better units will be constructed of 11 gauge steel with at least 2” x 2” tubing with nylon ball bearing pulleys and nylon 2,000lb test cables.  Try to avoid plastic coated cables or bushing pulleys, which don’t last very long.

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  1. T. J. Foxwroth says:

    I would also add that you have a goal in mind before you even look at equipment. How many people have run out the day after New Year’s to drop $2,000 on a piece of equipment that gets used for two weeks and then gathers dust??? While the goal of getting in shape is an admiral one, it is too abstract. By having a defined goal, such as to run a 10k race, bike 50 miles, or bench press 200 lbs, you not only give yourself an achievable bench mark, but you narrow in on a precise machine or the equipment to meet those goals.


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