Fitness Gear for a Small Area

There are many people that would like to start a workout program at home, but many people are limited by space or do not like the “feel” of most home fitness machines.

Over the last few years we have seen a plethora of selectorized dumbbells come into the market. Combine this with a folding Flat/Incline/Decline Bench and you have a complete gym that could slide under a bed.

Benefits of Selectorized Dumbbells:

  • Space-Most selectorized dumbbells only take up a 2’ x 2’ area
  • You are able to condense many pairs of dumbbells, sometimes weighing over 2100lbs and taking up to 8 linear feet of space.
  • Over the long run, the selectorized dumbbells are cheaper per pound and you don’t have to buy expensive racks to hold them.

Most Popular Models of Selectorized Dumbbells:

  • Intell Powerblock – This is the original selectorized dumbbell developed in 1993.  In addition to having a few different styles of sets to suit justnabout any need, they also have a set that has the ability to add on from 55lbs to 90lbs to 125lbs. These units use a pull pin that is held in place by a magnet and elastic lanyard. Even though they are constructed very well with a heavy duty powder coat and steel plates some people do not like the fact that it is hard to fit a large hand into the cage to reach the handle, determining the weight is difficult, and if you do not line up the selector pin properly you could have an off-balanced weight.
  • Bowflex Selectech – These primarily come in two sets. The 1090 that oes from 10lbs to 90lbs in 5lb increments and the original 552 set that is adjustable from 5lbs to 25lbs in 2.5lb increments and then from 25lbs to 50lbs in 5lb increments and then the last from 50lbs to 52.5lbs. This was a technological break-through with the ability to turn a dial and pick up a weight plate. It allowed for quicker weight changes, an open handle design, and an easier determination of weight. The drawbacks are that the units are bulky. Weather you are at the lightest weight or the heaviest it is still the same size. You also have to line the plates up perfectly when placing them back on the rack or they do not insert correctly. Lastly, there has been some quality issues with the gear mechanism of selecting the weights stripping out.
  • BodyForce Titan – A relative new-comer to the game, the Titan took the best features of the Powerblock and the Selectech. You have metal weight plates and the ability to get larger or smaller based  on your weight increments like the Powerblock. You have the turn knob selection of weight, the open handle design, and the ease of determining your weight like the Selectech all with enough durability to come with a commercial warranty that the others do not have. The only major drawback is that you are looking at weights from 5lbs to a maximum of 65lbs at this point.  Ultimately, it comes down to how much space you have, your training style, your budget, and what “feel” you are comfortable with.

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