Certified Pre Owned. How Does it Apply to Fitness Equipment?

What is Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment?

With the buzz from all of the automobile manufacturers talking about their “Certified Pre Owned Vehicles” and all of the check lists of procedures that the car has to go through before it is able to be called “Certified Pre Owned” the marketing gurus of the exercise equipment industry have now caught on and have started to apply the term to workout equipment.  The problem with this is who is doing the certifying?  Is it the manufacturer of the equipment?  Is it the retailer of the equipment?  Is it Johnny Lug-Nuts down the street?  The quality can be all over the board ranging from Serviced Fitness Equipment all the way up to Remanufactured Fitness Equipment and even Demo Fitness Equipment and everything else in between.    This can become very confusing and frustrating for the end consumer to really determine what they are getting.  A true piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is a unit that has been worked on by the manufacturer using factory parts.  Many times a piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is a trade show piece, a discontinued model, a manufacturer display model, a return policy item, or a shipping damage unit that has been repaired.

What to Look For in Researching Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment

  1. Who is doing the certifying?  A piece of Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment should be certified through the manufacturer of the unit.
  2. Warranty.  The warranty should be through the manufacturer of the product and should be approximately half of what the new warranty would be for the same unit.  Be sure to get the warranty in writing and find out what it covers.
  3. Check List.  The manufacturer will have a check list of procedures that they do in the certifying process

What to Be Aware of in Searching for Certified Pre Owned Equipment

  1. Watch for third party sources claiming to do the certifying process for the manufacturer
  2. Short warranties less than a year on parts and do not have a labor warranty or a warranty less than 6 months on labor.  This does not apply to Group Exercise Bikes or other Group Exercise Equipment.  Those are usually 6 months parts and 30 days labor for their warranties.
  3. Extensive lead times.  Most Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment has already gone through the check list at the manufacturer.  A turn around time of more than 2 weeks is not acceptable. 

In conclusion, Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment is an excellent way to purchase commercial exercise equipment for 50-60% off the manufacturer’s list price.  This is also an excellent way to get current production units that would normally cost twice as much.  Beware of cheap exercise equipment that is being passed off as Certified Pre Owned without coming from the manufacturer.

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