How Do I Find a Reputable Fitness Equipment Supplier

When it is time to open up a health club, personal training studio, wellness center or simply tryint to put together a quality home gym the most important thing to consider is to find a repuatable fitness equipment supplier.  The question is How Do I? Over the past twenty years fitness equipment has become a multi billion dollar industry.  Whether you are working out in the gym, your home or listening to conversations on the news it is surrounding us.  Have … [Read more...]

Cybex Fitness Equipment is known for it’s Manufacturing Excellence

Cybex International produces the finest commercial and residential fitnessequipment in the world that delivers results. Whether you are a first time user or a professional athlete the company has developed equipment through exercise science and its medical heritage. Durable in structure and biomechanically correct, Cybex would not be able to do this without a state of the art modern manufacturing facility in Owatonna, Minnesota. Cybex strength equipment is … [Read more...]

Body Solid Commercial Fitness Equipment?

Yes, I said it.  Body Solid Commercial Fitness Equipment. Body Solid has always been know as a company that produces quality fitness equipment for every budget level of the home fitness enthusiast.  Over the last few years Body Solid has slowly started dipping into the commercial fitness realm.  Starting off with light commercial standouts such as the Series 7 Smith Machine Package and the EXM4000S Multi Gym which have excelled in the hotel, personal training, … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Running on a Treadmill and the Science Behind a Fitness Equipment Treadmill surface made by Cybex

Have you ever wondered if it was more beneficial to workout on an elliptical machine or run on a Treadmill? Over the past 15 years the elliptical trainer has become the more popular workout of choice in the healthclub.  This is due to the misbelief amonst healthclub goers that nonimpact exercise is more effective and beneficial to your body.  Unfortunately, through scientific testing this is not the case.  Research shows that running on a fitness equipment … [Read more...]

Certified Pre Owned. How Does it Apply to Fitness Equipment?

What is Certified Pre Owned Fitness Equipment? With the buzz from all of the automobile manufacturers talking about their "Certified Pre Owned Vehicles" and all of the check lists of procedures that the car has to go through before it is able to be called "Certified Pre Owned" the marketing gurus of the exercise equipment industry have now caught on and have started to apply the term to workout equipment.  The problem with this is who is doing the certifying?  … [Read more...]

The Definition of “Refurbished Fitness Equipment”.

What is Refurbished Fitness Equipment? Depending on the company that you are dealing with, the definition of refurbished fitness equipment can be drastically different.  Refurbished fitness equipment is part of the used fitness equipment family.  It is the third tier in the quality scale of the used fitness equipment family.  It is better than "As Is" Used Fitness Equipment and  Serviced Fitness Equipment, but it is not as good as Remanufactured Fitness … [Read more...]

What is the Definition of Remanufactured Fitness Equipment?

A Look at What Remanufactured Fitness Equipment is Remanufactured Fitness Equipment is the top of the food chain in the used fitness equipment family.  It is ahead of Used Fitness Equipment that is sold "as is".  It's also ahead of Serviced Fitness Equipment and Refurbished Fitness Equipment.  A fully remanufactured piece of fitness equipment will look and function like a new unit.  This is the best way to buy commercial exercise machines without paying a … [Read more...]

What are the Differences Between Elliptical Exercise Machines?

The Rise of the Elliptical Cross Trainer There is no doubt that Elliptical Cross Trainers are one of the most popular pieces of aerobic fitness equipment on the market.  From an obscure and strange looking experiment in the early 1990's to a category that will give fitness treadmills a run for their money, so to speak.  Elliptical Cross Trainers come in a total body motion in which you hold onto handles that move the arms along with the legs and lower body … [Read more...]

Where Should I Go To Purchase Discounted Fitness Equipment?

How do I Purchase Discounted Fitness Equipment? Often times when people build a home gym or are in the process of building a health club they will look for discounted fitness equipment. There are a number of ways to obtain this equipment including: purchasing it from an existing health club that is going out of business purchasing it from a bank that has an expired lease purchasing it from a foreclosure-typically from a bank or leasing … [Read more...]

What Are the Wear and Tear Parts of a Fitness Treadmill?

What Wear and Tear Parts are on a Fitness Treadmill? The wear and tear parts on fitness equipment is similar to the tires and brakes on a car.  These are items that wear out after using the piece of cardiovascular equipment in question.  This article deals with the wear and tear parts on a piece of cardiovascular equipment called a treadmill.  There are many moving parts on a treadmill that can wear out over time that will need to be replaced to ensure … [Read more...]