Body Solid Assembly Manuals

Body Solid 3 Tier Dumbell Assembly Instruction Manual-GDR363. … [Read more...]

Matrix Fitness Equipment Brochures

Matrix Fitness Equipment Brochures By Product Category Matrix Fitness Treadmill Brochures Matrix Fitness T1X Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness T3X Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness T3XI AC Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness MX-T5X Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness T5X Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness T7X Treadmill Brochure Matrix Fitness T7XE Treadmill with Embedded Screen Matrix Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer Brochures Matrix Fitness E1X … [Read more...]

Cybex Fitness Equipment Brochures

Cybex Fitness Equipment Brochures By Product Category Cybex Treadmill Brochures Cybex LCX425T Treadmill Brochure Cybex CX_445T Treadmill Brochure Cybex 520 Pro Treadmill Brochure Cybex 530T Pro+ Treadmill Brochure Cybex 550T Pro3 Treadmill Brochure Cybex 751T Treadmill Brochure (New) Cybex Exercise Bikes Cybex 750C Exercise Bike Brochure Cybex 750R Recumbent Bike Brochure Cybex 700R Recumbent Cycle Brochure Cybex 700C Upright Brochure Cybex … [Read more...]

Cybex Fitness Equipment Owner’s Manuals

Cybex Treadmill's Owner's Manuals Cybex 300T RETIRED Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 400T RETIRED Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 425T Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 445T Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 450T Cybex TROTTER Elite Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 500T Sport Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 515T Sport Plus Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 520T Pro Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 530T Treadmill Owners Manual Cybex 550T Treadmill Owners … [Read more...]

Commercial Fitness Equipment Specifications

Fitness Equipment Specifications By Manufacturers Cybex Fitness Equipment Specifications Cybex VR1 Specifications Cybex VR3 Specifications Cybex VR3 Stack and Sizes Cybex MG500 Specifications . … [Read more...]

Fitness Terms

Fitness Equipment Glossary of Terms Treadmill Belt- The moving surface of the treadmill that travels around a front and rear roller.  The treadmill belt is made of rubber and if it is a high quality treadmill belt will have a cotton back.  This will eliminate friction against the treadmill deck.  Standard deck sizes of commercial treadmills will be 20" x 60". The size can vary. AC Motor – An Alternating Current electric motor that utilizes a … [Read more...]